Hey Girl! Ready to get a total marriage makeover? We'll help you refresh your marriage and mindset in just 5 days!

Come grab your FREE ticket to the 2021 Wives of Integrity Conference, May 10-14, 2021.









Imagine what it would be like to have a Holy Spirit-led revival in your marriage!

All The Tools You Need To Build A Strong Christian Marriage

What would it mean to you if your marriage grew into the marriage God designed uniquely for you?

How would your life change if 60+ Christian wives came alongside you to mentor you and give you hope, practical tips, and biblical marriage insight?

Get ready to be blessed, Sister!

Here are some of the benefits this year's Wives of Integrity Conference will bring into your marriage....

  • Healthier, happier communication.
  • Better physical and emotional intimacy.
  • Seeing sex as an act of worship, not a chore.
  • The ability to trust God with your husband's salvation.
  • Learning how to have financial intimacy.
  • Understanding how to have hope and healing after betrayal. 
  • The gift of prayer and fasting for your marriage.


What Your FREE Conference Registration Gives You

24-Hour Access to 60+ Anointed Workshops

With more than 60+ workshops led by anointed Christian wives, you will walk away with actionable steps to make your marriage better than ever before! How amazing is that? CLICK HERE to see the workshops.

Workbooks for Each Session

You'll receive workbooks for each session you attend. Topics include: communicationintimacy, faith + marriage, family + marriage, overcoming marriage trauma, newlyweds, and military marriage.

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