Free Marriage Challenge

Life is too short to settle for a mediocre marriage.

You didn't stand at the altar and say "I do" only to be disconnected with your spouse. But somehow you find that constant arguments and other peoples' opinions have crept into your marriage and caused a divide.

It's okay to desire more. As a matter of fact, you should want a better marriage. If you're ready to start experiencing true intimacy and deep connection with your spouse today, we can help.

Over the last twenty years we have helped hundreds of couples untangle their messy marriages and create healthy, Christ-focused communication strategies.

Will your marriage be next?

Free Marriage Challenge

Deep Connection

Inner Healing

True Intimacy

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If you've decided you're ready to experience a deeply connected marriage, you're in the right place. 

  • If you're ready to ditch dysfunctional communication patterns and replace them with healthy ones.¬†We've got you covered.¬†

  • If you're tired of feeling lonely even though you're married, and desire to¬†reconnect with your beloved,¬†we can help.

  • If you're ready to let down the walls and move past feelings of rejection, we've got your back.¬†

  • If you're¬†done¬†letting the enemy have your family, it's time to let God come in and rebuild¬†your marriage legacy.¬†¬†

Imagine what your marriage would look like a year from now if you decided to let us help you (re)connect...

Free Marriage Challenge

Hello, Friend!

We're Mike & Carlie Kercheval, passionate Christian Counselors, Marriage Communication Coaches, and Marriage Mentors¬ģ.

Over the last 25+ years we have gained the necessary skills and experience to build a healthy, connected Christian marriage. And now we want to help you do the same.

Growing up in broken homes, neither of us had an example of what healthy communication in marriage looked like. As a matter of fact, we had quite the opposite.

We both knew we didn't want to treat our spouse the way our parents treated each other and were determined to create a new godly example of marriage to pass down to future generations.

Can you relate?

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We know how it feels to be disconnected as a couple...

It wasn't so long ago we were where you are and know what it feels like to desperately desire a deeply connected marriage. Over the last 25+ years, we've helped hundreds of couples, just like you, (re)connect through healthy communication strategies rooted in prayer and God's Word.

You're 3 Steps Away From a Deeply Connected Marriage

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Join the FREE Communication Challenge

This 5-day challenge is designed to help you (re)connect deeply with Jesus and your beloved. This challenge is perfect for couples who are tired of settling in their marriages and are ready to dig in and do the work to see the changes they desire.


2. Choose Your Marriage Adventure

In order to get where you want to go, you must take action. Our cultivated marriage experiences are designed to help you overcome common obstacles that can destroy marriages. These curated adventures will help you create the habits to connect deeply in every area of your marriage.


3. Binge Episodes of the Marriage Legacy University Podcast

The Marriage Legacy University Podcast allows us to partner with you and God to help guide you into His best for your marriage in this season of your lives. It is here where we watch you rediscover your love for one another as God uncovers the hidden beauty of your marriage. Never forget that all things are possible with God.


Our Marriage Experiences Will Help You Thrive in This Season

Choose your tailored experience below and let's get started...

The Consecrated Conversations Devotional Experience

Are you ready for a breakthrough in your communication? This interactive couple's devotional experience was designed to help you create the habit of healthy communication in 30 days or less.

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The Ultimate Marriage Prayer Experience for Couples

This is for couples who desire to learn how to pray effectively while cultivating deep intimacy (body, mind, spirit) in your marriage. If you're ready to get answers to your prayers, this experience is for you.

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The Ultimate Bible Study Experience for Couples

This is for couples desiring a transformative Bible study experience, designed to help you break down barriers so you can experience true intimacy in every area of your marriage.

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Marriage Transformations

"The Kerchevals and Marriage Legacy University helped us uncover our purpose + learn how to walk in our calling as a couple. Their coaching and courses helped us escape divorce + turn our marriage into a thriving relationship. We are so thankful!"

Jorge + Maria

"We had no idea that our marriage would change so drastically (for the good) when we found Marriage Legacy University. Mike and Carlie are ANOINTED BY GOD to help couples experience the fullness of the marriage God has for them. BEST INVESTMENT for our marriage!"

Ray + Sophia R.

Free Marriage Challenge


Ready to start reconnecting with your spouse?

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