The Marriage Legacy University Podcast

The Marriage Legacy University Podcast

Hosted by: Mike + Carlie Kercheval

The Marriage Legacy University Podcast aims to help married couples have the breakthrough they need in order to create their legacy with intention. No matter where you and your spouse are right now, it's never too...


Important Money Conversations for Couples

Season #1 Episode #7

Today we are going to chat about 10 important money conversations for couples to have to keep the peace in their marriage. These crucial conversations have played a key role in building our marriage on a strong...
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5 Reasons for Setting Marriage Goals

Season #1 Episode #6

Are you curious what all the hype is around setting marriage goals? You are not alone. Today we are sharing 5 reasons for setting marriage goals -- and we know that they will resonate! FREE Goal Setting Workshop...
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How to Keep the Romance Alive When You're Exhausted

Season #1 Episode #5

Are you and your spouse struggling to keep the romance alive due to exhaustion? You are NOT alone! On this episode we share 6 ideas to keep the romance alive through seasons of complete exhaustion and...
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Why Accountability is Crucial in Marriage

Season #1 Episode #4

Today's episode is all about the crucial role that accountability plays in your marriage.  Accountability in marriage is one of the easiest ways to help keep your marriage union strong. Over the years of coaching and...
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How to Create Your Marriage Mission Statement

Season #1 Episode #3

This podcast will change your marriage legacy as you learn why you need a marriage mission statement and how you can craft one. Download your free marriage mission statement workbook and get started today.
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How to Discover Your God-Given Purpose as a Couple

Season #1 Episode #2

Did you know that you have a God-given purpose for your marriage? Well, you do. And in this episode we are going to chat about how you can figure that out and start to walk in that purpose together as a couple.  
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How to Reset Your Marriage Compass

Season #1 Episode #1

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