The Praying Couple Podcast

The Praying Couple Podcast

Hosted by: Mike & Carlie Kercheval

Welcome to the Praying Couple Podcast! We're your hosts, Mike & Carlie Kercheval, best-selling authors and founders of Here you can expect to experience Spirit-filled Bible-based...

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A Prayer for Wisdom in Your Life & Family in 2022 (& Beyond)

Episode #1

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A Prayer for Divine Protection Over Your Marriage Covenant

Episode #2

Christian marriages around the world are under attack, that's why it's imperative that we pray for God's divine protection to cover us on every side. The enemy will never stop pursuing your demise, so we cannot ever...
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A Prayer for Your Financial Breakthrough

Episode #3

Don't allow the enemy to get a foothold in your marriage through your finances. Instead, use the blessing of your financial seed to honor God and grow closer to one another! Come pray with us as we pray for your...
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