Conference Speaker Lineup

Below is our incredible lineup of anointed speakers for the 4th Annual Wives of Integrity Online Conference! You'll be hearing from Speakers, Authors, Licensed Counselors, Teachers, Life Coaches, Neuro Coaches, and more!


Day 1 Speakers

Day 1 Workshops

  1. Mike & Carlie Kercheval: 3 Must-Have Spiritual Warfare Strategies for Your Marriage
  2. Rachael Gilbert: Image RESTored: How Body Image Affects Marriage
  3. Erin Harrigan: Embracing Empty Nest: A New Season for Your Marriage
  4. Dr. Anita Mckaney: Chronic Grace
  5. Michelle Stiffler: The Trauma-Informed Approach to Marriage
  6. Lisa Dula: What do you do when you've done all you can do...You just stand.
  7. Jennifer Daly: Getting in Alignment for Godly Goals
  8. Jamonica Disser: Blended & Blessed - Tips for a functioning blended family
  9. Katie J Trent, LSCW: How to Put the FUN Back into the FUNdamentals of Family Discipleship Together
  10. Deb Schroeder: Creating A Culture of Communication with Your Preteens and Teens
  11. Ann Visser: The Power Of Those Dreaded Pivotal Conversations
  12. Carla I Anderson: Make Him Weak In The Knees, Again!
  13. Sarah Frazer: How to Keep Your Sanity (And Grow as a Christian) While Your Husband Works Long Hours
  14. Angela Thornton: What to Do When the Love Fades

Day 2 Speakers

Day 2 Workshops

  1. Larry and Hope Ware: How to Manage Money as A Couple and Reach Big Goals
  2. Pamela Henkelman: When Opposites Attract: Honoring Your Husband’s Differences
  3. Kimberly Amici: "Finding Purpose in Marriage and Family: Navigating the Journey Together"
  4. Niki Hardy: Trusting God Together, When You Can't Stop Worrying
  5. Alicia Michelle: How to Manage the Toxic Thoughts You Have About Your Marriage and Your Husband
  6. Stella Kim: Surrendering to God
  7. Casey Hilty: "Love Is: Revisiting Vows and the Biblical Definition of Love"
  8. Lisa Kimrey: 3 Tips to Navigate Finding Your Role(s) and Helping a Blended Family Thrive
  9. Amanda Weber: Be More Than Roommates
  10. Somer Colbert: All The Things: Balancing Work, Ministry and Motherhood
  11. Christina Paulden: Standing Still While Experiencing Uncertainty Within Your Marriage
  12. Lori Snyder: "Healing from Betrayal in Marriage: Finding Grace, Faith, and Reconciliation”
  13. Tamara Williams: A Fresh Yes! - the importance of renewing our minds and focus in marriage.

Day 3 Speakers


Day 3 Workshops

  1. Timberley Gray: How to find the balance in marriage, ministry, and work.
  2. Clare Davy: Core Communication in Marriage
  3. Becky Beresford: How to Stay United When You Disagree with Your Husband
  4. Teresa Parker: Finding Your Motivation for Permanent Weight Loss (Hint: It’s Not Your Husband)
  5. Risa Haasbroek: Empty nester, it’s time to go after that dream
  6. Megan Bottom: You Get to Witness Miracles When You Serve--Yes, Even in Your Marriage
  7. Kyllie Martin: The Art of Lament – processing grief through the Holy Spirit
  8. Holly Haynes: How to make millions in your sleep
  9. Anna Waters: Find the Sunshine, When All You See is Rain
  10. LaDondra Hervey: Thrive: a busy woman’s way to creating harmony at home with her spouse and children
  11. Kimberly Steenbergen: Trusting God To Provide On One Income
  12. Michelle Huddleston: How to Honor Yahweh Through Your Work
  13. Lyn Parker: Life As Empty Nesters: Preparing and Thriving for A New Season


Carlie Kercheval has been passionately married to her college sweetheart for 23 years and they've been blessed with 3 precious children. In the summer of 2019, the Lord led her to start planning the first Wives of Integrity event for May of 2020. Little did she know this would be at the beginning of a global pandemic and tens of thousands of wives would attend.

Carlie is a powerful intercessor who is passionate about teaching women spiritual warfare strategies to live a victorious life. She is also a best-selling author, Certified Life Breakthrough Coach, and Bible teacher. Together, she and her husband founded Marriage Legacy® and The Praying Couple® Podcast to help families build Kingdom legacies.

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